[Tough alone is sometimes good but no man is an island.
Humans are very special creatures thats poses an unique and unexplainable function, and that is emotions.
Alone and asolation gives human mind a rest and a so called breathing space.. bt too much of it you find it lonely =x
May lady luck be by ur side.. if she isn't, at least I am 0.o.]

Impressive, this short note is from a 16th year old friend.
Thanks for your concern,
it feels good when you find out that there's actually someone out there do remember you as a friend.
We've lose contact for some time, how are you recently? Doing good?
Hope that you can handle your studies well?
You are a tough guy, haha..you go boy!
You can do it, THEe straight A kind of student.
Hmm..waiting for your STRAIGHT A news~
It might sounds like, I am talking about things too far away.
It's actually not far away, and very close.
So, I will be waiting for your Good News. ^^ !

Thank you for your note,
Am grateful to hear from you!

And it is great that your leg is okay now and very active in a good condition! lol...
(able to go for breakdance means in a very good condition loh!)


Friendship Forever, (?)
an illusion??? I don't wanna lose them, but it's all out of my control.

Nothing will last forever and ever..My bulb just burned because of over heating.
Nobody can withstand pressure forever, someday, they'll collapse.
I don't want to see you collapse, should I do something about it?

What can I do about it?
Trying my best is really what I am doing right now,
you understand at first but now you don't.
You are collapsing..it's my fault...I am to blame.....

This is an emotion expressing thing..
Don't take it personal...and it's not an advice except the usefull note ontop of all this.

What day is it?
and in what month?
Take time to realize,
That I am on your side.
No it's never gonna be that simple..
If you just realize what I just realized,
All I wanted to say
All I wanted to do
Is fall apart now
All I wanted to feel
Its all my fault now
A tragedy I fear
it's a Fear Factor that it takes forever to cure
a fobia which do not have an antidote
I am a disaster of every single thing.

XoXo Sue
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