Getting emptier for no reason.
What am I DOING?!?!
I just feel like, I'm floating..with no direction at all.
Which way the wind blows and I'm being blown to.
Just not decisive enough to make my own choice.
Always saying follow the flow, what's the FLOW?

Accounting is over FOR NOW...
Only for now, what about next semester?
Though there is a possibility for me to pass this paper.
But it is a very shaky one...
Part of it is my fault, I didn't pay much effort on it.
One of the reason is that I have no interest to it.
I'm really darn confused, there will be another 3 more accounting paper in the future if I choose to continue this path.

Is this the right way things should be?
I don't know...
Fate is a lie, no faith in fate.
It's bringing me round and round...I'm so sick of it!
I'm now here, in the middle of everything.
Hanging on this T-junction...

Lying here, alone in fear, afraid of the dark, the one to claim, alone again..
I rather not to have anything...
No Gain No Lose, No Lose No Pain!!!

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