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Feeling one Kind...memang semacam..zzZ.
T.T tomorrow I'm gonna go to class by Public Transport, this should be the First time I'm going by Public Transport except the exceptional one, going from M's place. I use to take Public Transport HOME, but not the other way round. Ewwh, a little nervous...-.-.
When to pay fees??? What IF I've fail some of the subs ??? Now, I can't fucking access to the web site! Which means that I don't know where's the class, I don't know what sub I'm gonna attend for. Totally unorganized...zzZ. internet connection is totally fucked up...

Err...back to the topic,
I'm not quite sure whether I should go back to my Pixnet or continue Blogspot. I love those special posting features in Pixnet but I don't feel like posting there. One of the reason is that my Monitor's resolution is the Old School 800x600 which irritates me =(. Hesitate in everything, I cannot even make this simple little decision, what about other stuff?!

I'm actually a little worry that I might over slept. Don't know what time to go to bed. Don't know what time I will fall asleep. o.o *faint*...

[updated 1.28am 5th Oct 09]
Ahh..thanks to "郑少爷" for sending me the Pdf. or else I might be still feeling P.D.A. (Pretty Damn Angry) about myself for not downloading the file few days ago & anxious about it and D.A. about streamyx for the bad connection speed. S don't stand for Snail!!! but why are you (streamyx) being such a Snail/Slowpoke ??!

Stupid me, checked the Time Table few days ago and yet I've forgotten about downloading it. Thoughts like "I can go online anytime / etc" were in mind!!! I've totally forgotten about DOWNLOADING it. =.=*

Gonna force myself to sleep Soon. Night~ everyone and good luck with things.

Lying here, alone in fear, afraid of the dark, the one to claim, alone again..
I rather not to have anything...
No Gain No Lose, No Lose No Pain!!!

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